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In Wes's pursue of balance and meaning, he has picked up extensive experience through:

  • 10 years as the CEO of Tahoe Trail Bar, building and continuing to run a multi million dollar business

  • Implementation of the Rockefeller habits through the Scaling Up curriculum and Gazelles Tools to: 

  • Build a dominant E-commerce presence

  • Navigate the ever changing Amazon platform

  • Website Development 

  • 7 years navigating supply chain and logistics in Grocery and food service

  • Detailed understanding of Financials - Cash flow statements, Profit and Loss, 

  • 3 years completion of EOA Accelerator curriculum

  • 4 years of Business and emotional release Coaching under James Murphy - David Hawkins and NLP emotional release methods.

  • Daily Routine management for optimum performance

  • Attendee Tony Robbins Unleash the Power Within and Business Mastery Programs 

  • 3 years in the Summit VMS MIT entrepreneurial development program

  • Time of your life course completion and 5 years using the RPM planning method

  • Relationship Management Training; Gottman Institute

  • Personal and professional category audits to maintain balance

  • Spiritual path crafting, Tao, Stoicism, Yoga, Buddhism, Mystic Teachings, Quantum Mechanics

  • 4 years implementing the Traction business operating system, employing the Vision Traction Organizer (VTO)

  • Plant based Diet Transition and Health Coaching

  • 5 years attending Burning Man and leading a camp

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Wes King Experience


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Podcast, Speaking and Panel Inquiries 

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