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Wes King

Restoring Balance and meaning without
sacrificing progress and performance 

Who is Wes King?

Wes King is the CEO and founder of the nationally distributed multi -million - dollar brand, Tahoe Trail Bar. Wes is an avid outdoorsman, father, husband, investor, mentor and coach to high performance creators.


As an entrepreneur who has had to dig deep to discover his own authentic truths, Wes has developed a proven method of maintaining a life of balance and meaning without sacrificing success, progress and performance. 


Wes has done the work. Period. Having walked through the darkest nights of the entrepreneurial struggle, and emerging a whole person, Wes has learned to implement top performance strategies and mindsets, and surround himself with the best mentors and peers in every area of his life. 


In knowing the benefit first hand of this hard but meaningful work, Wes was inspired to bring his process of developing alignment and a proven approach to building dynamic wholeness to the space of coaching and development content. In addition to his role as CEO at Tahoe Trail Bar, and as a lead investor in 5 additional companies, Wes brings his knowledge to the world by taking on a small number of High Performance Clients each year to help them find or restore balance and meaning in their lives. 

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Wes King's Coaching Philosophy  

Whether it was turning his uncles front yard into a parking business at 7 years old, recording a country music album in Nashville, moving across the US to master rock climbing and skiing, or taking a business from one coffee shop to multi-million dollar national distribution Wes has always pursued a life of meaning while performing at the highest level. 

Wes has consistently challenged the paradigm of "the life you should live," instead relentlessly pursuing what he has felt to be authentically true. Taking the trail less traveled and going against the grain required Wes to seek, study, and master what he calls the fundamentals of living in the areas of:


Once mastering the fundamentals, Wes realized that these areas must be threaded together with:

  1. The cultivation and clarification of authentic personal truth and core values

  2. A clearly defined menu of what makes you fulfilled

  3. Clear and achievable time bound goals 

  4. Implementation strategy and support

Wes now works to bring this strategy and wisdom from taking the journey to a select group of 1:1 coaching clients and through podcasts, speaking engagements and panels.

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Nick Knecht, Real Estate

My meetings with Wes became a transitional period in my life that set me on the trajectory I was looking for. He helped me identify a process and mindset that would allow the direction and solutions I sought in my business and life I can't thank him enough, I'll forever be looking for opportunities to repay him


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Jake Pereira, Performance Coach

"Wes is one of the most thoughtful leaders and coaches that I have ever met. He lives each and every principle he speaks and coaches on. I recommend Wes to anyone that is looking for a coach or speaker"

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Joanna K, CEO PCS

"Wes's lessons on both business and life are extremely helpful in the way I approach my business. No matter what phase of life you are in, I recommend connecting with Wes.  "

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